KIC improving shareholder communications and services

Paula Octuck has been hired as the new shareholder relations manager to help the company provide better service in the form of more accurate record-keeping, improved communication and increased employment opportunities for shareholders.

“This new position is key to elevating the importance of our relationship with our shareholders,” said Will Anderson, KIC President.

Earlier this year, the KIC Board of Directors adopted a budget for 2016 with a number of significant changes. Most of these changes are a reflection of KIC’s increasing ability to operate within the government contracting sector.

The Company added a new HR manager position to handle all of the new employees that come along with new government contracts. A proposal manager position was added to allow KIC to aggressively and effectively pursue new contracts. A contracts manager was hired to ensure we remain in compliance with every term and condition of every contract. A procurement manager position will soon be hired to handle all of the purchasing required under several new contracts that KIC will soon be starting.

But the Board didn’t want to leaves shareholders out of the picture. They wanted shareholders to remain the focus of every decision, so the new shareholder relations manager will be tasked with several key initiatives.

One of the top priorities for the position will be to improve communication. This includes listening to, and advocating for, our shareholders. KIC shareholders need to be fully aware, and prepared for upcoming employment and educational opportunities. For example, we expect there to be numerous local Kotzebue jobs when construction begins on the road to Cape Blossom. The new shareholder relations manager can help interested Shareholders find necessary training or certifications so they are ready to be hired once construction starts. And with the way the Corporation is quickly changing, it is more important than ever for our Shareholders to have the support they need to pursue jobs within KIC, and elsewhere. The shareholder relations manager will also advocate for and help Shareholders with their resume and developing good interviewing skills.

Both the Board and management are very optimistic about the future. But as we achieve a number of important goals, the Company needs to do a better job of communicating our successes. The shareholder relations manager will be a large part of that effort.

The KIC Board also wants to be certain we are doing a good job of listening to our shareholders’ concerns. Important topics like opening enrollment for those born after 1971 and the use of KIC lands by shareholders, continue to be discussed by shareholders. So the shareholder relations manager will also be responsible for developing an effective way to get feedback on these and other important issues — likely in the form of a shareholder survey.

Administrative tasks are a critical part of KIC’s success. For example, it is important to have current contact information on file, and that well-documented procedures are followed when changing someone’s address in the computer system. Distributing dividends, newsletters and scholarship information are important parts of KIC’s relationship with its shareholders, so having current contact information increases the likelihood that things sent in the mail will arrive in a timely manner. The shareholder relations manager will be tasked with proactively seeking current contact information and establishing sound policies and procedures.

KIC is growing and gaining strength as a corporation. We want to ensure it remains responsive and helpful to the people it serves. The new shareholder relations manager position will help KIC achieve that goal.