Benefits Overview

Anniqsuiruq – benefits, helps

KIC is focused on optimizing profits for the benefit of our people, creating opportunities for our shareholders and helping them achieve success in every aspect of their lives — professionally, economically and scholastically.

Benefits information

KIC is committed to providing valuable benefits to our shareholders. We offer a variety of programs designed to help gain self-sufficiency.

You can drop off forms to a KIC office near you, fax to (907) 442-2165 or email to the Shareholder Relations Department at

Shareholder records

KIC must have up-to-date shareholder information on file. Please submit any change of information (address, name, etc.) to the Shareholder Relations Manager.

Shareholder Last Will & Testament

KIC offers the option to transfer stock upon the death of a shareholder. If you do not have a will, please fill out a transfer form so your shares go to the person you designate.

Upon the death of a family member, KIC can transfer the deceased’s shares, and any outstanding checks will be reissued. However, KIC does not have wills on file for a number of our shareholders. You and your family members must fill out affidavits in order to transfer shares.

Stock gifting

KIC shareholders have the option to give all or a portion of Corporation shares to one or more individuals. To be eligible, the persons receiving the stock shares must be Alaska Native. Alaska Natives are persons who are at least one quarter Eskimo, Indian or Aleut blood, or in the absence of proof, persons regarded as Alaska Native by their Native group. Descendants of Natives are defined as a person whose parents or grandparents were at least one-quarter Native and they were alive on Dec. 18, 1971, or if they were adopted before the age of 18 by a Native or descendant of a Native.

Stock Forms and Documentation

Stock in our Native corporation is a rare and valuable commodity, one that very few people in the world own. Please think carefully about how and to whom your shares of KIC stock will be transferred in the future. You are the only person who has a right to decide what happens with your KIC shares.

Below, you will find links to forms required for transferring ownership of your KIC stock to another person or multiple people, either before or after your death. If you have questions or need assistance deciding which is right for you, please contact us at (907) 442-3165.

Direct deposit

Send completed forms to:

Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation
3201 C Street, Suite 801
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Family Tree



KIC believes in shareholder hire. We encourage all shareholders and descendants to apply for jobs posted on this site.

Click here to apply online.

For more information on employment with KIC, visit our Careers page.