Commercial Services

KIC owns a multi-specialized family of companies that build, supply, supervise and connect major projects spanning the United States, including IT engineering and integration of emerging technologies. Our work is routinely recognized as excellent by corporate partners and end users.

Property management services

  • Commercial and residential leasing services
  • Facility Improvement/maintenance

Logistics/construction services

  • Supply chain management
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing/leasing services
  • Full range of construction services
    • Design/build
    • Building renovation
    • Civil and vertical construction
    • Gravel mining
  • Project management
  • IT strategy/implementation
  • Integration of emerging technologies
  • IT security engineering
  • Software development
  • Systems security testing/penetration testing and red teaming
  • Proof of concept and prototyping
  • Offer certification and accreditation

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