Alaska Universal Services remodel Washington building

Alaska Universal Services (AUS) is literally raising the roof at one of its projects in Washington, D.C. AUS is doing more than $4.4 million in renovations for this fiscal year, with another $4 million planned for next year.

The project, at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Robert C. Weaver Federal Building, a 10-story office complex added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008, involves code enhancements, and mechanical, electrical and flooring work. The intent of the effort is to consolidate HUD departments and bring them up to new HUD space-management standards, allowing HUD to realize significant budget and taxpayer savings.

Additional work is being done by AUS and its subcontractors on the building’s IT network and telecom connectivity. The 12-person AUS crew is also being tasked with general carpentry and painting tasks as it raises ceilings, replaces flooring and expands existing rooms within the Weaver building. Experience completing a similar contract at a National Institute of Health building prepared AUS for its latest contract.

“We are definitely making a name for ourselves,” said AUS General Manager Eleanor Davis.